If you’re new, here are a few highlights to get you started. The Shortlist, if you will…

#1. out | My very first blog post on WordPress. This was written very shortly after I came out.

#12. my wicked life | The beginning of the whole Aaron saga, my first boyfriend.

#29. long division | The end of the Aaron saga.

#34. eucatastrophe | I get outed to my family (as it turns out, by Aaron, my ex).

#39. freeze ray | The beginning of the Seth saga. These things go in chapters.

#46. company | My last long-distance relationship that got serious too fast and then ended really abruptly.

#57. invidiousness part i | Written a few days after Seth cruelly rebuffed me on the night of my 28th birthday.

#58. truth | Thoughts on having just come out as an atheist.

#68. blinding | A post about the truthiness of stories, and whether that can be the basis for belief.

#78. nevermore | I decide that it only makes sense to date other atheists, agnostics and freethinkers.

#83. love | My thoughts about Original Sin. They’re not very nice.

#101. yule | In response to the question, “Do atheists hate Christmas?”

#103. sucre | My personal 1,500 word manifesto on my morality as an atheist, with the help of Leonard Bernstein and Voltaire.

#104. respect | The price that fundamentalism exacts from its followers.

#100. singularity | Basically, my life story.

#109. how | The comforting white lies that religion tells us.

#116. peroration | On saying what I really mean.

#122. exoteric | About the religious indoctrination of children.

#123. cordate | Valentine’s Day reflections for 2012.

#124. weltschmerz | “Our life is not a movie. No ‘maybe’ about it.”

#126. bandy | In response to a series of homophobic tweets from Minneapolis’ homophobic pastor, John Piper.


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