95. cornucopia


Here’s a little Thanksgiving story I wrote last year and recorded today. It’ll be new to most people, but the first people to hear it were Joe, Jenny and Seth.

The title to this blog is rather ironic since I feel anything but enough right now. Quite the opposite. This time last year, I was spending Thanksgiving with my family, shortly after being outed to them by my ex. Then I joined friends of mine with another family where I wasn’t worrying about feeling judged or rejected by anyone. And Seth was there (which is why I was there). That was probably one of the last happy times I can remember.

I realized today that I’ve been depressed ever since the night of my birthday. There have been happier times and moments when I’ve been able to escape into a happier persona, but every day since then has been tempered by some sort of sadness. And today, when most of America is gathered with their families, making happy memories together, I’m home, by myself, not really wanting to be around anyone. And I’m not anticipating it getting any better for Christmas either.

Happy holidays.

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