63. pastiche


This post was inspired by an episode of This American Life where some of their frequent contributors offered their own take on William Carlos Williams’ famous poem, “This Is Just To Say” (in particular, Kenneth Koch’s “Variations on a Theme by William Carlos Williams,” which can be read here). I’m feeling rather down and lonely tonight, and this is the way it came out. These seem like inevitable conversations I will have, if they ever happen at all.

This Is Just To Say…

I ruined your evening by smashing your picture today.
I am sorry but I felt unlikable and it made sense.
One way or another you will leave.

You asked me to drop the gunnysack I drag around.
It is heavy but I am angry at it so I said no.
Your eyes were terribly sad.

I wanted to tell you I loved you in the garden
but the words came out covered in thorns
and they cut you and I ran away

I yelled at you for not calling on the 4th of July
and you said that we met the month after
but by then I was deaf and blind and in the car


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