62. quandary


One of the frustrating truths I seem to have hit upon of dating in your late 20s is that by this time, just like post-Christmas or -Black Friday, all the good deals seem to have been snatched up by everyone who was camped out at the door at 3am—or dating (like normal people) when they were 18.

At this point, if you’re in your late 20s and single, it seems it’s either because you’re in my predicament (got started later than most for reasons that warrant another post) or there’s something wrong with you. For me, it seems to break down into four categories:

  1. You lack social skills/have issues and don’t understand why you’re still single.
  2. You’re not done playing the field or the clubs and aren’t ready to commit… yet.
  3. Your career doesn’t leave room for a guy, or you’re on the road constantly.
  4. Other (such as you happen to live too far away… or have HIV and/or Syphilis).

Well, it’s July, and I’m still single, so—true to my word—I should just suck it up and become an alcoholic because it’s going to be an ‘effing long decade, it sucks being alone, and a better offer hasn’t turned up.

Happy 4th, everyone.

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