44. popomo


Sorry for the gap in communication. Between finishing a hectic February and coming down with the Plague (which, turns out was a nasty strain of B or C strep throat and not mono), there hasn’t been much time for writing. And I’m doing more practising, so that takes up time right there.

If you have time, check out my new favourite blog over at http://fucktheory.tumblr.com. My friend Justin turned me on to it, and the guy who writes it has a pretty interesting concept and conceit going. So now it’s on my Google Reader, and it’s a neat bite-sized chunk of philosophical musing to provoke some pondering.

Today he posted this: “Has postmodern irony made camp obsolete? Or is postmodern irony itself a mode of camp?”

I have a rudimentary grasp of philosophy (at best), so these are statements that make me feel like I’m not sitting at the Cool Kid’s table. So I had to go and Google “postmodern irony” because I have no idea what that even means. I barely know what “postmodern” means, and a vague grasp of the definition of “irony.” (Justin and I are discussing that right now.) And this was posted over at everything2.com by “Tsarren” [citation to follow]:

What happens when you take postmodernism a bit too far? The basic tenet of postmodernism is that we need to be aware that everything we do is subjective, no matter how much we strive for objectivity. We are always making assumptions, and we need to examine these assumptions and their origins in order to more fully understand whatever it is we’re thinking about. If you take it too far, you end up with something like, “if everything is colored by our assumptions and we have no way of being truly objective, then how can we ever find the truth? What’s the point of studying anything if we can never really know anything for sure about it?” This is a pretty useless attitude. A dash of postmodernism here and there is good, because it forces us to look at where we’re coming from. Too much, and that’s all you’ll taste. Kind of like pepper.

But it made me realise—I’m post-postmodern!!

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