35. speechless


Well, loyal readers (and you know who you are), if you’ve been sitting comfortably you know that there has been a lot of drama here in the past few weeks, between being outed to my family, the shit at work, and my first relationship ending in flames (figuratively, not literally—we don’t condone arson around here).

A few things to report now as the week begins.

First, a job has opened up at a place here in town with a company that is in my field, and would seem to be a perfect fit for my skills. It would be a longer drive every day, but would start later and could provide connections. Eventually I want to start and complete my masters so that I can teach at the college level, which is my ultimate career goal. Dunno how that will actually work out, but it’s like they say—if you commit, the universe will provide.

Second, I’ve met someone here in the Cities! In fact, he lives five minutes away. Right down the street from where I grew up. We’ve hung out a couple of times, and last night we both made it quite clear that the attraction is mutual. He’s a great guy, goes to a good church that I’m familiar with (not mine, mind you), and shares a lot of my values and interests. Fortunately we’re also compatibly opposite enough to provide for plenty of delving into each others lives. It’s exciting, and unexpected!

Updates ahead…

~ Muirnin

5 thoughts on “35. speechless

    • muirnin

      Sent in the application materials last Friday. The deadline is 30-December, and they hope to have someone in place by mid-January. Not gonna lie, this would be a super sweet job.

      And yes, boy news is good too!

  1. TJ

    Good luck with the job thing, as well as the possibilities of a relationship.

    “Wisely, and slow. They stumble that run fast.”

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