020. hope


Accoridng to CNN, You-Know-Who is scheduled to sign a memorandum today granting health care and other benefits to the same-sex partners of federal employees.

That’s charming considering that last week the Justice Department filed a motion in support of the Defense of Marriage Act.

Same song, different verse. He may not be sidling up like George W did with fundamentalists, but it looks like there’s not much hope for change with this adminsitration that campaigned on hope and change.

2 thoughts on “020. hope

    • muirnin

      I’m trying so hard not to say it, but I had a suspicion that this would happen. I’ve grown so used to politicians making all sorts of promises to get elected and then conveniently finding excuses to bail out. Granted, dealing with the economy is job #1 at the moment; but don’t leave a significant part of your voting base out to dry now that they got you elected. Go to the mat, even though they don’t represent the majority of Americans. If you’re going to take on the veneer of the minority candidate, stand for minority issues.

      I can’t hold back anymore…

      I TOLD YOU SO! (Well, not you, Justin.)

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