019. change?


I was reading an article this afternoon by Hank Hanegraaf titled Does Homosexuality Demonstrate that the Bible Is Antiquated and Irrelevant? on the Christian Research Institute’s website. (Yes, the name “Hank” should be red flag enough, let alone the alliteration.) Here’s an excerpt from the end of the article:

More people already have died worldwide from AIDS than the United States of America has lost in all its wars combined. This is but the tip of an insidious iceberg. The homosexual lifestyle causes a host of complications including hemorrhoids, prostate damage, and infectious fissures. Even that merely scratches the surface. Nonviral infections transmitted through homosexual activity include gonorrhea, chlamydia, and syphilis. Viral infections involve condylomata, herpes, and hepatitis A and B.

While there are attendant moral and medical problems with sexual promiscuity in general, it would be homophobic in the extreme to obscure the scientific realities concerning homosexuality. It is a hate crime of unparalleled proportions to attempt to keep a whole segment of the population in the dark concerning such issues. Thus, far from demonstrating that the Bible is out of step with the times, its warnings regarding homosexuality demonstrate that it is as relevant today as it was in the beginning.

What I see here again is an equating of homosexual with promiscuity. There is little discussion it seems concerning those of us who consider ourselves “conservative homosexuals.” Who don’t engage in promiscuous sex any more than straight Christians and have a goal of a life-long monogamous relationship.

I wonder what would Mr. Hanegraaf have to say to that?

3 thoughts on “019. change?

  1. Em

    Aaaaand welcome back to the game, sports fans. I’m afraid if it’s an intelligent, reasoned, biblically sound argument you want, you’re going to have to provide it yourself because the establishment is fresh out. Although, might I say that the piece you quoted a while back about each of us fully reflecting the unity of Christ and the Church in love was a damn good start.

  2. Yeah…people seem to think that Hep and AIDS are just gay diseases. Anyone could get them. Apparently Mr. Alliterative Hank doesn’t see that.

    And I love the passing off of medical fearmongering as being SO NOT hoomophobic. That’s just wonderful.

    Did you happen to hear Joe Solomonese and (Bishop whose name eludes me) on NPR today?

    • muirnin

      I didn’t hear NPR today, but I was following this yesterday. One article I read sums it up pretty well: This is just pandering to a reliably Democratic voting bloc, and fortunately that voting bloc seems to finally be waking up to what a fraud this guy is. The gay population did come out in force for You-Know-Who to get him elected, and now he has basically stabbed them all in the back. True, change can’t happen overnight. Reppealing DOMA would take an act of Congress (not to mention Act of G-d), but filing that motion in support of it is sending the opposite message and says much more about this president’s agenda. It’s utterly laughable that he’s talking now about state’s rights!

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