011b. corrected


Had an enligtening conversation with one of the teachers today about some of my thoughts on He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named’s stance on same-sex marriage, and he made some very good points.

To legalise same-sex marriage is to open up a legal can of worms. It’s not a matter of everyone just getting along. If you legalise it, it becomes discrimination under law for churches (who are government-protected, tax-exempt entities) to not perform same-sex marriages. The same goes for any business, non-profit organisation, clinic or hospital for whom doing so would violate their beliefs.

It then becomes a matter of reverse discrimination, where the agenda of the minority becomes forced on everyone. So while I personally do not wish to be the agent of social change in America or force my will on the populace, to desire the legalisation of same-sex marriage would be a disaster, and I see that now.

However, if and when I marry, civil union or not, I will call him my husband.

That’s really all I want.

2 thoughts on “011b. corrected

  1. I don’t really agree with your professor’s thoughts. I, personally, don’t know anyone who would get married at a church that wasn’t accepting of homosexuals. Why would you contribute to an organization like that?

    And hospitals? Who are they to HAVE beliefs, collectively? Isn’t it their job to serve the public? To save and better lives, regardless of whose they are?

    • muirnin

      I see his point; that it’s the legal ramifications we have to watch out for. At this point, it wouldn’t work to have same-sex marriage. The public at large just isn’t ready for such a change. But such legislation would have sweeping implications for all churches. It doesn’t matter if homosexuals wouldn’t be welcome. By law, if a same-sex couple asked to be married there, they couldn’t be turned away on the basis of their sexual orientation. And by “hospitals” I should’ve said “doctors.” They have moral oligations, though I don’t know how that would come into play here. I don’t even know why I mentioned hospitals in the first place. That applies more to abortion, which is how this thought-string started.

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