008. whoa


“And he made me feel excited—
well, excited and scared.”
— Stephen Sondheim, Into the Woods

Wow. That’s exactly how I feel right now.

I was just thinking at lunch how cool it is to be able to flirt with a guy and not have to worry about whether he’s going to think I’m gay or that I’m going to get beaten up; that we can skip the “getting over the fact that I’m a guy and attracted to you” awkwardness and just be honest with each other; that we can openly tell the other guy how sexy we think he is.

This is nice. And new. And terrifying. I’m not used to telling someone that I think he’s gorgeous or that I love the sound of his voice and mean it in that way.

Seeing his name on my phone when he calls and my heart momentarily stopping.

It’s like being on a fast ride. All the time. Let’s hope it’s not a short ride.

(Haha, you probably won’t get that. That’s a nerdy reference to John Adams’ piece for orchestra, Short Ride in a Fast Machine. See, I told you you wouldn’t get it.)

4 thoughts on “008. whoa

    • muirnin

      I know! It’s so nice to not play the “are you straight, gay or curious?” game too. It would certainly rock if I could find a guy here in Minneapolis but they’re kind of hard to smoke out.

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